About Reichmann Construction

Custom designed and built porches and verandas

Originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, Peter's building experience began during the construction of West Lyon Farm in the 1970's where he was employed as a common laborer. He graduated from Colorado State University in 1980 with a degree in Forestry which required studies in engineering and federal land use policy. Following a government freeze in hiring, Peter returned home and started his own business in 1983. Like his grandfather and father before him, Peter built his own house in Newtown, CT in 1994 and resides there with his wife Terry and daughter Caroline.

Peter's building philosophy can be summed up quite simply: “I'm not doing anything at your house that I wouldn't do at mine”, and you can bet that also means “it is of utmost importance that my service provides value to my clients”.  Peter invites you to call 203-270-6259, or e-mail him to discuss your particular project.

Reichmann Construction

  • works with a building plan
  • works with all “land use agencies” in order to obtain necessary permits, (i.e.
                building, zoning, wetlands, health, etc.)
  • clears the red tape
  • manages all aspects of your project - serves as the prime contractor on your project
  • performs the majority of the work, sub-contracting only mechanical (i.e. electrical)
               and minor (i.e. flooring) contractors

“We are not labor brokers and therefore the sub-contractors are paid directly by the client. However we consider it our job to manage them and will endeavor to make sure their work proceeds in a workmanlike and timely manner, while paying attention to detail at the same time.  It is fine with us if you wish to use your own sub-contractor. In dealing with all sub-contractors, suppliers and inspectors, we are there to represent you and look after your best wishes.  We are your man on the job and strive to serve you well.”

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