It’s a matter of fact; in general everyone wishes they had more space in their home and they accomplish that by either building more space, remodeling existing rooms, or combining these two options to create an entirely new floor plan and appearance to their home.

Family Room AdditionsThe favorite addition is the Family Room, where everyone gathers to watch their favorite T.V. Fireplacesshow or movie. It’s a space large enough for the children and their friends to have play dates or a place your guests can retire to after enjoying a scrumptious dinner.  Add a Fireplace and endure those cold nights snuggled up by the fire. Locate this room in a sunny exposure and install lots of windows, and I guarantee your winter days will pass by more cheerfully than they ever have in the past.

Custom Kitchen Project ManagerWe can't think of any room that is more complex to construct than the Kitchen. Often integrated with the family room or a common area, it is highly utilized and more time and decision making is devoted to planning this room than any other. Executing these plans in a timely manner requires experience in the scheduling of, and understanding the needs of, the various contractors more than anything else. Decisions regarding cabinets, countertops, window location, plumbing, lighting fixtures, tiles, appliances, paint colors, flooring, and... “Oh my God!!! Is it time to take a pill yet?”... Well, some people do. Instead, relax and realize that we know what you are going through and you can count on us for input and guidance to enable you to make your final decisions.

A nice addition to the home is a Library. Some people regard this room as their sanctuary. A place to resolve financial matters, research something new and interesting, or just relax with a favorite book or journal.  Libraries usually exhibit extensive detailed woodwork and finished ceilings.  The client’s tastes greatly influence the final appearance of this room

New Porch ConstructionAnother favorite addition to the home is a Porch.  It truly is the “outdoor family room”.  A place in rain or shine during those warmer periods of the year, it is great for everyday living and entertaining.  They can be built with various materials and customized with lighting, audio/visual components, and outdoor cooking appliances.  By paying attention to their detail, they can greatly embellish the appearance of your home.

Residential Elevator InstallationIn homes of two stories or more, Elevators are becoming increasingly popular and we are quite familiar with their installation. In most cases they serve to make latter life more fulfilling.  Whether located in the interior or upon the exterior of your house they all have the same factors: the builder constructs the elevator shaft (which houses the elevator “cab”), the elevator “kit” is installed by the elevator company, and the state of Connecticut inspects and certifies the finished project.  State tolerances are extreme and must be addressed during construction as they are difficult to comply with after inspection. Our experience with this type of a project enables us to precede in a timely manner and upon completion the interiors and exteriors of your home will look as though your elevator was there from the beginning.

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