We work with a plan.

Reichmann Construction - Greenwich, CT

This means: we can plan, permit, and construct your building project with the result of creating living spaces that reflect your personal tastes and sustain your functional living requirements.

Some sort of building PLAN is required by the town for even the simplest building project such as a deck. In that case it could be just a sketch opposed to a full set of building plans for a large addition or house. In every case the town needs something that illustrates and communicates what the client is proposing to do. In most instances the scale or structural requirements of the project do not require an architect or engineer. In those instances, we are able to conceive and provide the town with the necessary plans required for a building permit. In this first phase of planning, the owner’s desires, input and vision are of the utmost importance, and are always incorporated into the design. We address any pitfalls the original plans may encounter such as building too close to wetlands or within setback areas. We are also happy to build to plans provided by the homeowner.

We work with Land Use Agencies for you.

One of the greatest dreads my clients impart to me is dealing with “land use agencies” in order to obtain a building PERMIT (i.e. building, zoning, wetlands, health, etc...). Well if you are going to build, they are akin to death and taxes, and they must be dealt with. We don’t shy away from this second step of construction and will obtain the necessary permits for you. Sometimes obtaining these permits are simple but can also be complex and require input from engineers, architects, surveyors and so on. Frankly our experience has been that town departments are concerned with regulations and procedure, while commissions and committees (made up of townspeople) operate under regulations, laws, and unfortunately self-beliefs and self-importance. Whatever your project—we are ready to clear the red tape.

We handle all Building and Zoning Permits and

We manage all aspects of your project.

We are the prime contractor on your project, which means we do the majority of the work. In general only mechanical (i.e. electrical) and minor (i.e. flooring) contractors are sub-contracted out. We are not labor brokers and therefore the sub-contractors are paid directly by the client. However we consider it our job to manage them and will endeavor to make sure their work proceeds in a workmanlike and timely manner, while paying attention to detail at the same time. It is fine with us if you wish to use your own sub-contractor. In dealing with all sub-contractors, suppliers and inspectors, we are there to represent you and look after your best wishes. We are your  man on the job. We hope to serve you well.

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